Food Subsidies, Obesity and Paleo

Yesterday’s flight from London was a study in nutrition gone haywire. I had plenty of time to estimate the components of the airline food served on Virgin Atlantic:
– 450g carbs (bagels, biscuits, OJ, breads galore, jam, potato, rice, veggies, chocolate mousse, non-fat ice cream, pretzels, crackers)
– 10g protein (token meat and cream cheese)
– 20g fat (cream cheese, meat)
This reminded me of a study by the University of California on how obesity is caused by diets skewed by government dietary guidelines and farm subsidies. While the study was done in the US and the airline is British, they obviously were inspired by similar guidelines…
The most interesting part of the study was the analysis on the elimination of farm subsidies. If they went away we could be consuming 10-33% less sugar, grains, rice and also less soy and corn. We would, however, eat more fruits, vegetables, and about the same amount of meat. All in all, without the subsidies we would be that much closer to Paleo… (see graph below).

3 rounds for time:
– 400m run
– 15 cleans (115lbs)
– 30 deadlifts (115lbs)
TIME: 23:24

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