CrossFit Life Lesson 13 – You Can Best Your Best

I’m on a sales reward trip with people who represent only 5% of the company’s workforce but bring in 75% of its revenues. Better than the 80/20 rule. If you talk to some of the best performers that win year after year (some won 16 years in a row) they would show you that the winning edge is all in the mind. The way the best salespeople carry themselves, their confidence about their plans, their ability to deliver is unwavering. They are not more experienced, better educated or smarter than those that miss their quotas. They are just more determined, disciplined and mentally prepared.

I happened to work out with one of these guys in the gym who told me something amazing. He said, ‘the difference between the one-rep max you just did and your real one-rep-max is all in your head. You can always best your best’. Right on. That’s how a couple of weeks ago in Singapore I went from 375 to 415 in a deadlift when the weights were in kilos and my mind no longer “knew” I couldn’t lift more than 400 lbs…

What if our last 20% was all in our heads? If we drop that limitation, how far could we go? I bet we’d amaze ourselves every day.

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