Ocean Kayaks and Paddleboards

Traveling 12 hours to Hawaii was well rewarded on our first day in the ocean. Even though the waves were 3-5 feet high we were out there on paddleboards sometimes standing but mostly kneeling to face the elements and balance the board the best we could. This was truly a surfing-with-paddles experience as the boards repeatedly shot above the crest of the waves and crashed down on the beach. We also tried the ocean kayaks which were better in this windy weather but admittedly less interesting and much less fun.

Before all of this the jet lag had me at 5am in the hotel gym doing a morning WOD with all the trimmings. The Grand Wailea’s gym has not only free weights but medicine balls, jump ropes and plenty of open space on two floors. This way I could invent a fun chipper as a self-inflicted wake-up call.

The food was a little challenging as the resort promotes salvation through full-grain living and the token protein came in the form of some over-processed smoked salmon. Whatever meat you wanted for lunch had to come in a bun with chips, splashed with soy sauce or ketchup by some misguided local pre-Paleo wisdom. I’ve yet to see any Hawaiian macadamia nuts in the hotel…

WOD “Waves of Wailea”
100 rope jumps
90 body pulls
80 pushups
70 situps
60 dips
50 wall balls
40 pullups
30 knees to elbows
20 cleans (70lbs)
10 shoulder presses (70lbs)
5 burpees
1 handstand pushup
TIME: 16:43

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