CrossFit Life Lesson 12 – Set an Example

Preaching rarely works when trying to inspire friends and family to follow our crazy ways. Passion and setting an example do. Some friends and my two daughters joined me in the Crossfit world and (mostly) adopted Paleo as well. They all wanted in after they saw the changes in my life. Since points of view on exercise and nutrition border on religious fervor it is almost impossible to have a rational conversation with my buddies stuck on treadmills or munching rice cakes. So the high road is to set out to follow our Xfit passion and let others be inspired (or turned off) by the result.

Funny how the same holds true in who we admire in business as well. Steve Jobs or Warren Buffet never told anyone that his way was the only way to success. They never sold inspirational tapes on the subject, yet many want to follow their footsteps.

I believe all CrossFitters are leaders in their own way. They break through their own limitations first, then exceed the expectation of their peer group. In the end their lives change in ways they least expect and have little to do with physical exercise. They break through at work, in their relationships and their own expectations about what is possible. This is exactly what others see and want to be part of…

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