Leaving China Stronger

The clinical definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over while expecting a different result. Yet many people I know stick to an exercise routine for months and sometimes years that produces no results. Jogging on a treadmill mindlessly will not make you fit.

We are faced with the question of social proof vs. real proof. Social proof is when your friends, some expert or your favorite celebrity are telling you that 30 minute of “cardio” is pure life extension. Real proof is when week after week you are posting better scores in your workouts.

Today’s 18-minute WOD at CrossFit Asphodel reminded me of this again. I can’t imagine that anyone thinks the same time spent jogging would be better for you. None of us should give up the search for more intensity and constant variety to allow our bodies to perform at their best….

I will sure miss the tough workouts in Hong Kong and Singapore…

3×30 sec handstand hold

For time:
– 70 burpees
– 60 situps
– 50 kettlebell swings (20kg)
– 40 pullups
– 30 handstand pushups (box)
TIME: 18:20

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