Singapore Crossfit – The Friendliest Tough Box I’ve Seen

I was blown away by Crossfit Singapore. Everyone was welcoming and friendly. During the run, the others were high-fiving me – which I suspect was their way to ensure I won’t pass out in the 100F heat… This gym is proud to have national and regional champions, special forces dudes, college athletes and in general a tough and fun group of folks. And Coach Kevin knows how to throw a party like today’s innocent-looking but brutal workout… They have a great warmup routine and yoga-like warm-down stretch. All in all a very cool experience!

In teams of 3 – rotate through all stations and everyone completes the 5 runs:
5 rounds as many reps as possible:
– 400m run
– burpees
– kettlebell swings (2/1 pood)
TEAM SCORE: 835  (373 burpees, 562 KB swings) in 41:00

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