CrossFit Life Lesson 10 – Take One Step Back to Go Forward

Anyone doing weightlifting training or any sport where athletes hit plateaus invariably are told to “deload” every few weeks. This is in addition to prescribed rest days. Expecting to keep getting better week after week in every movement is insanity (as I’ve recently learned). Either we program reduced weight, fewer reps or scaled workouts or nature will do it for us in forms of overtraining, sore muscles, and injuries.

Deloading means doing training with 40-50% of the weights (like Wendler) or active rest (running, swimming). When it comes to movements requiring technique (anything on rings, ropes, pull-up bars or bodyweight) deloading means going back to the basics and practice as if the movement was brand new.

Scheduling deloading days should focus on form only. Light weight, low reps and flawless form. Then the following week it can be all-out again, faster, better, harder and heavier than ever before. I cannot even begin to count how many ways the same principle prevents burnout at work. Yes, smell the damn roses every now and then and don’t eat lunch at your desk…


Push Press 5-3-1     (95/115/145)

WOD  “CrossFit Open 11.1”
As many rounds as possible:
– 30 double unders
– 15 power snatches – 75lbs
SCORE: 4 rounds @65lbs, 45sec double under time limits

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