CrossFit Life Lesson 9 – Be a Participant

A hundred million Americans are spectators of various sports yet a fraction of us are active in sports. Especially after the college years. This is astonishing considering how much more time it takes to watch a football game than to play one in the backyard or to hit the gym.

Some argue that any activity that provides connection with others, variety and significance becomes addictive. Like when your team finally makes it to the Superball. Celebrating with fellow fans, watching the highlights over and over and feeling like we rule the world…. . Certainly more so than the average gym experience where most don’t have fun, have little variety and don’t really have quality connections with others.

Another reason why CrossFit is so addictive for some is that it makes us feel important, we’re constantly growing, it’s a very connected community and there is a ton of variety. Maybe it has a real chance to turn more spectators into participants…

Rest day today…

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