Full Grip Attack

I can’t even hold a pen any more… In the last 24 hours CF NOLA found more and more ways to obliterate our grips… Farmer’s carry, run with plates, rope climbs, cleans, overheads, knees to elbows and kettlebells. I got the message. Grip is important. On the upside, their coaching again helped me to a PR, 165lb on the power clean+jerk and I could have done more (yes, the grip).

– Rowing
– 20 Wall Balls
– Clean Pulls, Clean, Jerk

1 Rep Max for Power Clean + Jerk (165)

As many rounds as possible in 20 minutes:
– 400m run with 45lb plate
– 3 rope climbs 15′
– 12 thrusters 105lbs
SCORE: 2 rounds + 400m run

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