Open for Challenges

My girls had a great day at CrossFit Kids today getting to know the prowlers, tire-flips and sled-pulls. This sure isn’t your grandmother’s aerobics any more. I hope they never have to go to a spin class… I had plenty to do to work on my dirty dozen in preparation for the CF Open. Here is my practice for the perfect preparation. Every day I do at least 5 workouts I would hate to see on week one of the Open…

Overhead Squats 1-1-1-1-1   – 105lbs

WOD “The Five Openers”
For time:
– 5 Handstand pushups
– 5 Muscle-ups
– 10 Snatches – 95lbs
– 10 Clean and Jerks – 95lbs
– 50 Double Unders
TIME: 6:57

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