CrossFit Life Lesson 6 – Always Get Better

An amazing fact of life and CrossFit is that if you focus on improving one skill, a set of others improve as well without extra effort. Work on deadlifts and you develop a six pack, improve your balance and your double-under gets better, do more pushups and suddenly you can do handstands… The same is true for business. You work on one thing and all of a sudden results are better across the board. Work on communication skills and sales performance improves, structure your planning and client engagement scores go up, learn to listen intently and soon you own the room.

In many people I know, CrossFit improved focus, confidence, results-orientation, courage and suddenly other aspects of life started to fall into place, job performance sky-rocketed and everyone noticed.

It is the ultimate Flow experience and I have not seen it until I got into the CF Game.

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