Bad, Bad Medicine (Ball)

Every now and then a workout comes along that messes with you in a new way. Today’s was one of them selected by popular vote by members of CrossFit KOP. Hint: not being able to rest makes these workout challenges extra spicy…

WOD “Bad Medicine”
3 rounds for time
– 400 meter run with medball (14/20 lbs)
– 25 wallballs (9ft/10ft)
– 25 medball cleans
– 25 overhead squats with medball

Special instructions: Hold on to the ball throughout the whole WOD. Any rest taken with the ball on the ground, the wall or on any other object is 5 burpees before picking it back up. This includes dropped Wall Balls. Bottom line: the ball and you are One.

TIME: 29:41  Rx

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