CrossFit Life Lesson 3 – Be Ready for Anything

There is a great model in CrossFit to explain what fitness is: The Hopper. Imagine throwing all possible workouts, life challenges and tests into a hopper or a lottery machine. Pick a world class athlete in one sport (runner, biker, lifter, bodybuilder) to complete with a CrossFitter trained in many training modes (lifts, runs, gymnastics, rowing, etc). They would compete in several rounds by pulling one workout at a time out of the hopper until all of the tests are done. Experience shows that the person that is cross-trained would win most of the events even though the specialist would certainly beat him/her in their selected sport (like running). The world class athlete may win only a few out of 100s of workouts. Who is the better athlete? When you are to be ready for anything the CrossFitter, a generalist will win over the specialist. Hands down.

I believe work provides us similar lessons. In a lifetime it is said that we all go through 7-8 major life changes or careers. Many more opportunities within a single career or business. The person that has the most versatility, flexibility, skills and experiences will be able to take advantage of more opportunities and overcome more challenges than specialists or experts who weren’t trained for these trials. General managers or general contractors alike are able to step in when they are needed to help out in any field from marketing through manufacturing for the manager and plumbing to carpentry for the contractor. They may not be the craftsmen of every trade but their businesses and buildings both will weather any storm. It is also true for people thriving in the toughest economic or personal challenges. The accountant may have more challenges finding a job in a downsizing then a general manager. The general contractor has more flexibility than an upholstery specialist. The more tools, skills they have the more likely they are coming out ahead.
When we need to be prepared for anything, be the most cross-trained person in your field…

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