CrossFit Life Lesson 2 – Make Work Measurable

Most of us think we work really hard. Some of us even think we work much harder than the next guy… Maybe.
CrossFit helped me define what ‘work’ is, what ‘results’ really are and the intensity that brings them together. The classic gym joke that ‘a young girl in China is warming up with your Max’ could be very true to our competition at work as well. Someone is producing many times the results than we are. We just don’t know it. There is no whiteboard with everyone’s name on it at work…
CF defines work as force times distance. Power is that divided by time. Basically how much work can you get done and how quickly. If you and I do the same work but I do it in half the time, I’m generating twice the power you are. It is physics and I think it is universal in the gym and in real life.
We should all post our scores of our work output and look at what others are producing. CF coaches post their scores right next to the athletes. I think leaders at work should do the same and post their contribution next to their team’s.
Making competition visible serves us all and will certainly make us stronger and more competitive. Both as individuals but also as a nation…

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