CrossFit Life Lesson 1 – Do the Work As Prescribed

On this rest day I thought about how much more productive Crossfit has made me in many unexpected ways.
One thing that is transforming my life is simply this:


I don’t always feel like doing what I have to but setting a daily commitment to a list of results is magic. Now it’s clear WHAT to do, the question is whether I will step up and DO it or not. Tomorrow is not an option since by then there will be a another new WOD. Always. CrossFit has no “mañana” or procrastination and honestly neither does life. The hardest part is always getting started. Once we start it is hard to stop if it is clear what we’re after. Like in a WOD, it does matter how quickly we produce results so do it in minutes and not hours. Also, people know if we cheat or slack off and the final results are always on the board visible to everyone. So it makes sense to give a 100%.

I set up my todo list (Toodledo) to show my daily WORK WOD. Something that gets done no matter what. As Prescribed.

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